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First Round Pick.... again.

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 28, 2011 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

First off I would like to say I'm sorry for not posting new blogs for awhile, March Maddness has been my focus for the past few weeks. With the NFL pretty much on hold there just hasn't been anything to really discuss that couldn't wait. FYI my bracket was terrible! 

Lots of talk about a certain WR has been coming up in other blogs and articles about a new options for the phins with their 15th pick. Torrey Smith out of Maryland. While Smith brings a boost to the speed the Phins so desperately need, I don't know if he is worth a 15th overall pick, yet. I like Torrey Smith and I think he COULD have a good NFL career, but I don't put him at the levels of AJ Green and Julio Jones. He would be compared to to them through out his career if drafted so early, and I don't see him holding up compared to them. If the Phins find a trade back partner I think he would be an excellent late round pick, but 15th is just to high for him. I stand by my choice of Nate Solder as our first pick if we don't trade back. 

Mock Draft picks 11-15

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 11, 2011 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (1)

Mock Draft 2011

11. Houston Texans- Prince Amukamara- Nebraska. Houston was one of the worst this year at stopping the pass. The game against the Jets still burns in my mind watching Jason Allen (former phin) get burned deep to allow the Jets to come back and win with seconds left. Amukamara is the second over ranked CB in the draft but I would rank him a head of Peterson as an overall corner not just game changer. Peterson brings more to the table but Amukamara is the better Corner of the two in my opinion.

12. Minnesota Vikings- Ryan Mallet- Arkansas. The Vikings are desperate for a QB. The Vikings thrived with the gunslinger mentality, and Ryan Mallet is the best Gunslinger this draft has. They could draft also Jake Locker. Mallets attitude is in question but Leslie Taylor I believe can control him.

13. Detroit Lions- Akeem Ayers- UCLA. The Lions have one of ,if not ,the best front lines in the NFL. But their linebackers did not back them up. Ayers has great ball awareness and is physical enough to shed blockers. The best and safest pick available for Lions.

14. St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones- Alabama- Sam Bradford needs weapons and if Jones is still available in the draft this is the guy they should take. Out preformed all the other Wr (even Green) in the combine with a broken foot! He is sure handed and is a good blocker.

15. Miami Dolphins- Nate Solder- Colorado. One of the best OL in the draft, he brings toughness and great movement to a struggling front line. Personally I hope they trade back and get there 2nd round pick back. If that happens then count on them taking Mike Pouncey late first round.

Mr Phin 

You might be wondering why I only did 5 today. Well to be honest this is a lot harder then I thought it would be. Picking picks for teams I am only slightly familiar with is tough, so before I decide i look into each teams needs. Hopefully I will be right about some! Thanks for your time. Mr.Phin 

Mock Draft Picks 1-10

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 9, 2011 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

My Predictions for the 2011 draft!

1. Carolina Panthers- Marcel Darius- Alabama. After his strong showing in the Combine, I see him as the most sure pick for DL this year beating out Fairly & Bowers. With his ability to play in both a 3-4 and 4-3 D his stock raises without a question. At 320lbs he ran a faster 10 yard split then Nick Fairly at 291lbs. 

2. Denver Broncos- Nick Fairly- Auburn. Thought to be the first overall pick two weeks ago it wouldn't be shocking to see him go first. But with him playing at an elite level for only one year, I gave Darius the nod over Fairly. With the Broncos switching to a 4-3 this year it is likely they will be looking at the DT position to sure up the front line of D. 

3. Buffalo Bills- Von Miller- Texas A&M- Buffalo has so many issues going into this year it is really a shot in the dark. The bills need help at the LB core with Tubor (Former Phin) as an every down starter. Von Miller would bring a solid LB who would be an immediate starter. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green- Georgia. If the Bengals want any hope to keep Palmer next year they need to show they are serious about bring him in real weapons without egos. Ochocinco and Ownes are on there way out and Bengals next best WR would be Shipley. AJ Green brings in a big body, with the best hands in the draft. 

5. Arizona Cardinals- Robert Quinn- North Carolina. Arizona is another team with more problems then 2 drafts could fix. If this was a normal year I would have them taking a QB but with CBA still up in the air it would be to big of a risk to bring in a Rookie with possibly no training camps. If the CBA gets renewed then they could take Blaine Gabbert. 

6. Cleveland Browns- Da'Quan Bowers- Clemson. With Browns switching to a 4-3 D they need a really outside threat. With Matt Roth their only solid player in the OLB slot they need this pick desperately. Roth has played the 3-4 his whole career.  Bowers is predicted to go earlier and it could happen. The "Big 3" with Fairly and Darius all fitting the teams needs, it wouldn't be shocking to see these guys going 1,2, and 3.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Prince Amukamara- Nebraska. A lot of choices for the 49ner's to decide including taking a QB early, but this is a Defensive minded team, it will be interesting to see how Harbaugh goes with his first NFL draft. Likely other choice is Blaine Gabbert.

8. Tennessee Titans- Blaine Gabbert- This would be the best outcome for the Titans but is highly unlikely to happen. With so many teams a head of them needing QB's they probably won't get this chance. With VY out, and Collins and Rusty left they need a QB to help CJ have chances to run with out 8 in the box. Other choice would be Robert Quinn OLB. 

9. Dallas Cowboys- Tyron Smith- USC. With the aging O-line Romo needs protection to prevent another injury. Tyron is without a question the best OL in this years draft, and with not to many teams looking for OT before them, it is very likely he falls to the Cowboys this year. 

10. Washington Redskins- Julio Jones- Alabama. A sure handed safe pick for the Redskins who would be an immediate impact for the Skins. He reminds me of a bigger and faster Davon Bess. Redskins could also be looking for a QB but with limited choices this year, I don't seem them taking a Locker or Mallet this early. 

11-20 to be posted tomorrow!

Mr. Phin 

Kyle Orton

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 7, 2011 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (1)

One of the most popular potential pick ups for the Phins this off season is Kyle Orton. This make absolutely no sense. Everyone is tired of the nickel and dime style offense the Dolphins have been running for the past couple of years, and everyone, including me, have been wanting to see this team air it out, and get big chunks of yards all at once! Chad Henne has the arm to do this but has rarely been given the opportunity  to show it. Orton is known for being a game manager who hits you for 5 to 10 yards a throw down the field like Penny. Orton is good fill in for one year to develop a rookie QB, but is not a Franchise guy. The Dolphins are no longer in the business of finding bandaides to get us through the season, and Kyle Orton is a band aide, nothing more. Kyle would cost us a high draft pick and giving up a potential 6-10 year guy for a one year temporary fix isn't worth the cost. If the plan was to bring in Orton to develop a rookie, this coaching staff would be taking a huge risk, and they don't exactly have the fans and/or owner behind them to risk the new rookie QB fails!

Mr. Phin

PS: This website has been getting around 200 views a day! But no one is commenting! Come on if you are willing to read all the post give me a comment! I want to hear other Phin fans opinions on my opinion! Thanks!

The QB Debate

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 5, 2011 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

If you keep up with the Phins at, the most common talked about topic is our QB situation. It is the hot topic of this off season for sure. My personal opinion is Henne is the best option for the 2011 season. While 2010 was not a great year for him a lot of his issues are easy to solve. He has NO physical problems Ex. Arm strength, Durability, Size, and Pro style back round. He has one more year left on the contract, and I believe it would be of great importance for the Phins to give him that year to prove his worth!

Other options available:

FA- Kevin Kobb, Kyle Orton, Possibly Carson Palmer, and Matt Flynn. These are the most common talked about. I'll post a blog on each available in the coming days. 

Draft Options- Ryan Mallet, Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder. I'll post a blog on the group in the coming days.

Mr. Phin

Daboll and the Wildcat

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 4, 2011 at 11:24 PM Comments comments (1)

One of the biggest questions this year for me has been does Daboll continue the WildCat, and if so does that mean Ronnie will be here next year or does he look into the draft for the next Pat White?

I find it highly unlikely for Miami to renew Ronnie's contract for anything longer then a year. Ronnie wants more then a one year rent me deal for an obvious reason. While I greatly appreciate what Ronnie has brought to the team, his injury back round and his new tip toe around the line running style won't be getting anything done for Miami. 

Daboll did run a type of wildcat with the Browns but only out of necessity due to the lack of weapons. With Miami I believe we will finally see the end of the Wildcat with or without Ronnie as our Running Back this season. With the weapons we have, I see no reason to disrupt the rhythm Henne or whom ever is QB has going with the team for a play or two. 

Be sure to leave comments and become a member! It is quick, simple, and FREE. The last question is just like any other random letter question they do on any registration form to make sure it isn't a computer spam machine! 

Mr. Phin

Depth of the Team Wide Receiver Corp.

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 4, 2011 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (2)

During the coming weeks before the draft I'll be posting a look at the current depth of our roster at each position. The first group I'll be examining is the WR corps.

Current Line Up:

Brandon Marshal, Devon Bess, Brian Hartline, Marlone Moore, Julius Puritt, Roberto Wallace.

A strong core of guys who had three break 600 yards receiving this season. Brandon Marshal lead the team 86 catches for over 1000 yards. He also lead the team with 13 dropped balls. Devon Bess is our most sure handed guy who had 79 catches for over 800 yards. Brian Hartline was used as our deep threat and averaged over 14.5 yards a catch, bringing in 40+ balls for over 600 yards. With three games left in the year he broke his hand, he has sense healed nicely and he is good to go for the first training camp of the year. Marlone Moore and Roberto Wallace both showed promise this year with a combined 12 catches for just over 180 yards and 1 td. This group is a solid above average set but lack one key ingredient. A SPEED deep ball threat. Brian Hartline is a good 2nd wide receiver guy but is also being used as our deep ball guy with his good speed, but if we bring in a true deep threat for our 4 man set we could have a deadly setup that would be hard to stop with Marshal, Bess, and Hartline all demanding respect from the safeties.

Mr Phin

Cam Newton

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 4, 2011 at 10:47 AM Comments comments (1)

Cam Newton the "Icon and Entertainer". The Auburn sensation who has swept the nation with his amazing athletic abilities, and his outstanding showing as a Junior in college. In only one year at Auburn he went undefeated and won a National Championship. He did it while playing in arguably the toughest conference and beating up on two former National Championship programs. And then just to put the cherry on top he wins the Heisman. Now at first glance he might seem like the greatest choice ever for just about any team, but I have my reasons to not be crazy about this guy.

As an athlete this guy is a monster. Standing at 6'6 250lbs running a 4.59 and broad jumping 10ft 6inches, he is quite the beast, but what good is all that ability for a pro style qb? This isn't college where you can look at one route then tuck it and run. None of those skills can help him sit in the pocket and make the correct read. His accuracy is subpar at best, and his pocket awareness is tuck in run after 3 seconds. I would have really preferred to see him do one more year at the College level to see how he would perform against teams who had a year to get ready for him, but understandably the man wanted to get out ASAP with the NCAA breathing down his neck about his father shopping him around. I don't like comparing Newton to VY or Jamarcus Russell just yet. I feel like he has the maturity to stay out of trouble, and when you compare Newton to them it seems unfair, but Newton does have all the physical traits of two listed but I feel like he has the maturity to go with it. I believe Cam will be drafted in the top 10 as of right now but won't be shocked to see him drop out of the first round after deep interviews with teams and more film study by coaches. If he is taken early I see him landing with the Redskins at pick 10, possibly earlier at pick 4 with Bengals depending on the Palmer situation. 

Mr. Phin

The Thigpen Debate

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 3, 2011 at 11:03 PM Comments comments (0)

The debate over Thigpen has been a complicated one at best. While most believe he should be given a fair chance at starting next year, I view it as a waste of time. Thigpen is a career backup and nothing more. His 1-12 record as a starter is proof enough. While some would argue he played on a terrible team, I would counter and say do you believe Ray Lucas would be a starter on a team other then Miami in '07? Thigpen is great jump in during the game and play on adrenaline type QB. But when he needs to prepare for a week he tends to play poorly, reasons for his 54% accuracy. All in all I'm fine with giving him a fighting a chance but it would only hurt his already poor worth on the market. The rumor wheel has the phins tendering him for a 2nd round pick, now this is as likely to happen as Alex Smith for a 1st, but who knows. 

Mr. Phin

Highlights of Thiggy-

2011 1st Round Draft picks options

Posted by Mr.Phin on March 3, 2011 at 10:13 PM Comments comments (0)

Let me start off by saying in the last 3 years I have been correct with my first round picks predictions. Jake Long, Vontae Davis, and yes even Jared Odrick. 

The way I see this draft unfolding as of right now there are two ways the Front office can handle this: 

First logical route- (Not my favorite route) 1st Pick RB Mark Ingram.

This to me is a terrible route to take. Running backs are extremely easy to obtain in all parts of the draft. We made the mistake in taking Ronnie Brown first round extremely early. While Ronnie has been relatively effective over the years he is not been a franchise player like we had hoped. Taking a running back 4th round is just as effective as taking one in the first, or obtaining one in the FA. 

The Second logical route- Trade back to later in the First to obtain a 2nd round pick. 

With our new first round pick the Miami Dolphin Select Mike Pouncey! 

This, to me, is the best route. The deeper issues to fix this year is our front line interior play. Without a quick fix there, we might as well throw away next season. Mark Ingram won't be able to run without any blocking. Mike is the best pulling guard in the league and even though he played center this year at UF, he still pulled a lot which at the Center position is tough to do. 

***Bonus Round

Now some of you might be asking why no QB? 

To me at pick 15 there won't be any solid QB's to take worth that early of a pick. In order to trade up we would have to give up to much, and if the CBA isn't solved by draft time it would probably cost us all of our draft picks. Not going to happen. Even with the CBA fixed in time we would have to give up a key piece to our team that we wouldn't regain in the draft. 

Mr. Phin

Mark Ingram Highlights-

Mike Pouncey-


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